Holiday Order Deadlines: Silver, Brass, & Nylon: Nov 25th Bamboo & Acrylic: Dec 7th Print: Dec 7th

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Our ability to make custom pieces is only possible because of the wonderful Tess Lee and the from-the-future-duo of Ponoko and Shapeways.

Special thanks to Nadya Lev for her gorgeous photography. If you have questions, comments, ideas, or suggestions, get in touch at .

Sha Hwang

Sha studied and worked in architecture before working on maps and data visualizations at Stamen. Currently freelancing, Sha continues to explore his interests in the flows of cities. Sha mostly just tweets, but tries to pin from time to time.

Rachel Binx

Rachel's background is in math and art history, but has also been making jewelry in some form or another since she was a kid. She is currently freelancing as a data visualizer, and spends her nights thinking about internet culture and animated GIFs. Rachel tweets, flicks, and occasionally pins.

We would be nothing without our lovely customers. To everyone who has supported Meshu, thank you! <3