Hi, thanks for all of your years of support with Meshu!
Unfortunately we are not accepting orders for the forseeable future, but thanks so much for your interest!
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the story of meshu

Meshu was started in 2012 by Rachel Binx and Sha Hwang. They were two design technologists working in San Francisco, and wanted to explore making a physical product. Both were avid fans of travel and maps, and Meshu came out of the combination of their interests.

Over the years Meshu has expanded beyond the initial jewelry line, Facet. There have now been five different lines offered on the site; Radial, Arc, Orbit, and Grid. Each line explores a different dataset or a different way of representing geodata.

If you have questions or suggestions, please get in touch at

Meshu is currently run 100% by Rachel Binx, out of sunny Los Angeles. Additional projects of hers include Cliffs&Coasts, ManyMaps, and Monochōme.

Special thanks to Nadya Lev for her gorgeous photography, and to Erin Murphy for her design work. Meshu would not be where it is today without Tess Aquarium, who ran fulfillment for several years.

The data for Meshu comes from OpenStreetMap, and is served from Mapzen.

We would be nothing without our lovely customers. To everyone who has supported Meshu, thank you! <3